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Master of Science (MSc) in Pharmaceutical Medicine

Course duration:

2 years (4 semester)


Master of Science (MSc) 
Several possibilities are offered leading to a different title.






€ 14.850,-- ( € 7425,-- per year)


Every two years


Accreditation and Approval:

AQAS, IFAPP, IMI PharmaTrain


What does the MSc study course impart?

The MSc study course comprises four semesters and is non-consecutive, i.e. it is not based on a specific bachelor course. The study programme with emphasis on research is focussed on theoretical courses and current projects imparting a profound knowledge in various aspects of pharmaceutical medicine. By conducting own research projects students are to develop professional skills in the pharmaceutical sciences which are mainly applicable in the pharmaceutical or pharmacy-related industry and pharmaceutical research institutions.

How is the MSc study course structured/duration?

The study course covers two years and is divided into 12 modules with 19 study units taught in block seminars on Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Each study unit concludes with an examination.
- Module Overview
- Schedule for the study unit related block seminars
After 19 study units, a time period for thesis preparation and oral examination follows.

Which entrance requirements exist for the MSc study course?

Applicants should have a degree in one of the following areas:
    • Pharmacy
    • Life Sciences
    • Medicine
as well as one year's professional experience.

Which language is used in the MSc study course?

All modules are held in English.

How much does it cost to participate in the MSc study course?

  • Study Course Master of Science (MSc) in Pharmaceutical Medicine: € 14.850,-- ( € 7.425,-- per year)

  • Certificate of Advanced Studies in Pharmaceutical Medicine (15 study units): € 12.000,-- (€ 4.000,-- per semester)

  • Certificate of Advanced Studies in Pharmaceutical Medicine (10 study units + final assignment): € 9.000,-- (€ 4.500,-- per semester)

  • Single study unit: € 900,--


How to apply for the MSc study course?

Interested persons can apply in writing at the Examination board “MSc of Pharmaceutical Medicine”, c/o Ms Gudrun Bayer-Kulla, Institute for Education in Pharmaceutical Medicine (PME); Alfred-Herrhausen-Straße 44, 58455 Witten, Germany or by Email.

The application must contain:
1) completed application form with a passport sized photograph
2) typed curriculum vitae, not exeeding 3 sides and emphasis should be placed on your employment history
3) degree certificate
4) certificates of additional qualifications
5) proof/certificate of employment
6) a typed rational on why you want to study here and your career plans

Processing Fee of € 125,-- for applications

Application documents assessed by the Scientific Course Committee (SCC) as promising will lead to an invitation for interviews. In general the individual interviews will be arranged for February and March at the university. The interviewers will be lecturers from the study course. Naturally the interview will be – at least partly – in English.
For the interview we would like you to tell us about your work and study experiences, insights, career objectives and aims. There are no specific requirements for the interview; it is a chance for you to talk about yourself, for you to meet us and also a chance for you to see what the University of Duisburg-Essen offers.







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